Higher NPS, more sales and lower costs

and you don't have to do anything extra...?!



>> Alle you need is a little bit of grit <<

95% of the companies lack to give
their employees insight in their
own added value for the company

No insight – no growth

When there is no insight, employees can’t see what they’re good at or where to improve. This blocks the potential for growth or personal improvement.

Unlocking the growth & innovation potential of your employees will result in an additional value up to €10.000,- per employee per year. 

SGI personal development platform

An integrated solution while you don’t have to do anything extra – it allows you to focus to fuel your growth.

Every employee has relevant insight in their own added value

Real time, online 24x7 available, on any device.

Facilitating dialogue between employees & team leaders

The fun way to get your organization learning with the integrated learning platform Knowingo.

Insight for your employee with SGI

The ‘Service Growth Index’ is a measurement and methodology, to get to an honest service-score per employee.

SGI gives context and meaning to the data, keeping different work loads into account, and thus adding context to the data.

SGI gives your employee insight that is honest, continuous and compared in time – balanced over several KPI’s.

The result – relevant information and gives simple insight in their own added value of the team.

Continuous dialogue brings focus and motivation

The platform facilitates easy & continuous interaction between the employees & team leaders, bringing focus to the shop floor. 

Learning through coaching works best with your peers – therefore the coaching module fuels interaction between employees, rather than only with management. 

The effective dialogue provides the employee with concrete steps for improvement, and the integrated platform triggers the learning module with the appropriate learning paths. 

State-of-the-art learning solution Knowingo+

Discover how you can turn learning into a massive competitive advantage that helps make the difference for your company. 

Based on game technology and almost a decade of experience in creating a new generation of learning and training solutions, Knowingo+ offers a mobile learning platform that allows employees to learn anytime, anywhere.

Knowingo+ is integrated in the SGI personal development platform. It automatically tailors learning to every individual employee and, unlike other learning solutions, delivers real-time, measurable results, taking guesswork out of the equation.

Already thousands of customer service representatives and technicians are enjoying SGI – with great success! Guaranteed!